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AIKIDO is a nonviolent Japanese martial art that can be practiced by people of nearly all ages who want to learn an effective means of self-defense while coordinating mind, body and spirit.  Although the art is comparatively modern, it has roots in the ancient arts of jiujitsu, sword play, and  use of the wooden staff.  Aikido was founded by O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), a master of numerous martial arts and a person of high spiritual attainment.  At Aikido of Noe Valley, you will begin by learning basic skills, such as rolling and falling, in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  In this pleasant, well-lighted space on a forgiving sprung floor, your skills will develop as you become adept at the most basic, static techniques (kihon waza).  After finding some comfort at this level, you are then introduced to more flowing versions of these same forms (ki-no-nagare) while continuing to advance toward the ultimate goal of the art -- takemusu aiki, the “spontaneous creation of form.”

AIKIDO OF NOE VALLEY is a proud member of the Classical Aikido Association that is linked to Hombu Dojo, the main Aikido school in Japan, through Buddhist priest and well-known author, Sensei John Stevens, 7th Dan.  Gengo Sensei, the chief instructor at Aikido of Noe Valley, serves as the Vice-President of the Classical Aikido Association for North America.  All ranking at Aikido of Noe Valley is certified by that main school in Japan.  Classical Aikido dojos promote Aikido based on the teachings of O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba.  At Aikido of Noe Valley, we emphasize a firm grasp of basic technique that includes flowing movement on the way to takemusu aiki.  Aikido of Noe Valley is located at the corner of Castro and 26th Streets in San Francisco.  Practitioners at all levels are welcome.  If you are new to the art, you may drop by any time to watch or try a free class.  See our schedule below for class times, including a note at the bottom of this page stating which classes are most appropriate for new students.  As an introductory offer to beginners, you will receive a free keiko gi (training uniform) when you sign up for two months.  Please feel free to continue to explore our website to learn more about our location, our history, the instructor, and current dojo news.  Also on this site is a glossary of helpful Aikido words & phrases as well as the requirements for ranking through six levels of black belt.  Podcasts of the techniques necessary to attain shodan (first degree black belt), along with other movie clips, are offered.


               Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

                        6:00 to 7:00 pm...................................Beginners

                        7:00 to 8:00 pm....................................Advanced

               Select Saturdays (various outdoor sites):

                        Afternoon.......Staff & Sword/Meditation/Picnic

                Sunday (Wooden Staff & Sword):

                        10:00-11:30 am.......................................All Levels


                 Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

                        4:30 to 5:30 pm.............Boys & Girls (ages 7-12)


     Registration - $25 (one-time fee for all members or families)

     Tuition - $100/month for all members (age 7 and older)

     Family Discount  - $50/month for adult participating with child

                (or children) aged 10-12

     Per Class Fee - $25/class by special arrangement with

                instructor only

     Visitors - $20/class for visiting members of other dojos

*NOTE TO BEGINNERS:  Before attending advanced sessions, new students should start with the beginners classes.  The emphasis of the 6-7 pm. classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s is basics:  stretching, rolling & falling, the foundational movements of entering towards a partner or turning away (irimi & tenkan), and the most basic techniques are all reviewed at these times.  In addition, parents or legal guardians who wish to train in the adult classes with their children (ages 10+) to inspire them to learn the art may do so as long as they accompany and work with them during these sessions.  ALL practitioners and newcomers must sign the dojo waiver.  That form is linked to this site and may be accessed above in the header.



Steve Gengo, 6th dan



Aikido of Noe Valley

1622 Castro (at 26th St)

San Francisco, CA  94114


(415) 710-4415

The action image above shows Gengo Sensei throwing two deshi (students) in the dojo some years ago.  The pictures of the cherry blossoms were taken during their annual bloom outside the dojo’s front door.  The boulder is one of the famous rocks from the Zen Buddhist garden at Ryoan-ji in Kyoto.  O’Sensei, a master calligrapher, brushed the Japanese characters: Ai-Ki-Do, meaning ‘the way of meeting energy.’